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East Greenwich Land Trust
NEW: The Land Trust just adopted a new Trail Maintenance Program (TAP).
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           Created in 1987, the East Greenwich Municipal Land Trust was established
    to promote preservation of the town's natural environment and historic

    The Land Trust seeks to accomplish this by preserving suitable open
    spaces for recreation, forestry and wildlife; promoting responsible
    development of real estate and sound conservation practices; protecting
    environmentally sensitive or threatened existing and /or future fresh-water
    well-fields, aquifer recharge areas, and wetlands; and by promoting public
    access and views of harbors, ponds, marshes, farmland and forest.

    The Land Trust has acquired ownership of lands, conservation easements, and the development rights
    of twelve parcels, totaling 314.7 acres.  These properties have provided East Greenwich residents with
    improved opportunities for passive recreation and general enjoyment of the natural environment by
    making trails accessible to the public.

    The Town and the Land Trust have been approached by many people offering to sell their property or the
    development rights to their property to ensure that their land will be preserved.  The Land Trust has also
    identified numerous properties that are significant for ecological protection, recreational value, and
    historic and agricultural preservation.  Together these properties represent at least 500 acres of land that
    contribute to the Town's Character.

    If you are interested in finding out more about contribution options, donating property, or volunteer
    opportunities, please contact us.

     For up to date minutes and agenda, please see the Town's website at


Steve Whitney, Chair

Kevin Fetzer, Vice-Chair

Tracie Truesdell, Recording Secretary

Doug Brown,

Denise Schwarzbach, Trustee

Larry Steingold, Trustee

Peter Swaszek, Trustee


Juliana M. Berry,
Planning Technician

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